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DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers Plan and Pricing

INTEL XEON E3-1230 $199.00/mo Order Now
4 Cores, 8 Threads 16 gb (ddr3) 250 gb ssd 1 TB Included
Intel Xeon E5-2620V3 $280.00/mo Order Now
6 Cores, 12 Threads 16 gb (ddr4) 250 gb ssd 1 TB Included
Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2650 $350.00/mo Order Now
16 Cores, 32 Threads 48 gb (ddr3) 500 gb ssd 1 TB Included
Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2670V3 $450.00/mo Order Now
24 Cores, 48 Threads 64 gb (ddr4) 1 tb ssd 1 TB Included
Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2695 $649.00/mo Order Now
28 Cores, 66 Threads 128 gb (ddr4) 2 x 250gb ssd 1 TB Included


dedicated server hosting means you rent the whole server without sharing resources with anyone. For many businesses, dedicated server hosting is essential to run resource-intensive applications or web projects.

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Maximum Performance

1 Tbps of IP traffic. Multiple datacenters. Different uplinks & peerings, Automatic route optimization software


Two offshore locations: Kyiv (UA) & Amsterdam (NL). Lenient content policy due to different local regulations. Meant for hosting everything


Illegitimate legal abuse, volumetric DDoS attack or hardware/software failure - Your data is protected at privately owned hardware


In-house tech support team is operating 24/7, only these highly qualified staff have an access to hardware & network Friendly & savvy staff will assist you with any issues related to web hosting

Frankly Asked Questions

By default all dedicated servers connected to the network with 1Gbps port. All servers connected to our network are sharing overall bandwidth available. The port’s bandwidth is not limited and you could fully utilise the 1Gbps of bandwidth at any given moment of time – we call it unmetered bandwidth. However to keep certain level of network usage & server pricing, there is a limitation applied. If your monthly average bandwidth usage will exceed 200 Mbps (approximately 65TB of data transfer), we will kindly ask you to upgrade your “1Gbps Unmetered” to “1Gbps Unlimited”. It’s extra $70/month, but you would have unlimited bandwidth capable to transfer up to 324 TB of data monthly.
Buying your own server is a viable option for those with the know-how, who are happy to make a big investment and have the free time to run a server. But, in many cases, it makes much more sense to just rent a server instead. As a hosting provider, we are getting bulk discount prices on hardware, bandwidth & datacenter bills. Additionally, you will get customer support, active monitoring, fast hardware replacement and many other services for free while you are renting a server from us.
A bare metal dedicated server provides much more storage and bandwidth than a traditional VPS, but there is still a physical limit on processing speed and storage. Once you hit those limits, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware in order to expand. If you reach the limits of our advanced servers config, our managed support will help you to scale your project or infrastructure to multiple servers. Here at Webfency, it is always possible to upgrade current hardware or scale it.
Our offshore hosting solution ignores the illegitimate use of copyrights & DMCA claims. In general, we are more tolerant of our clients, more flexible about content and activities on our network. Our servers located in an offshore jurisdiction where it is harder to contact server owner & even much more harder to legally shut down the server. Also, we are fully anonymous hosting, without any identifying information to be provided by the customers.
Dedicated server hosting gives you total control of a physical server’s resources. A dedicated server is a type of hosting where the server is generally not shared by anyone else. Dedicated server hosting allows you to switch to the dedicated network port, and upgrade its speed up to 10Gbps. If you are renting two or more servers you could use VLAN (read about it below). VPS hosting provides an isolated environment on a shared server, which means you are given just a slice of a server’s resources that no one else can touch.
VLAN/vRack is technology that enables different servers or web services to be connected, isolated, or spread across one or multiple private networks. VLANs provide several advantages, such as easy administration, confinement of broadcast domains, reduced broadcast traffic, and enforcement of security policies. Virtual VLAN is provided absolutely free, 1Gbps physical VLAN will cost you $10/month, and 10Gbps physical VLAN price is just $25/month.